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CASE STUDY – Binol Band 5


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Doubled cutting life time with Binol Band 5

The cutting life for saw bands has increased from around 300 hours up to 700 hours when switching to Binol Band 5 from diesel oil. At the same time the grinding intervals have increased from 8-10 hours to 16-20 hours. The reason is that Binol Band 5 keeps saw bands and wheels extremely clean and cracks caused by residues can be reduced.

This is the result which Torsten Nilsson, sales engineer at Ljungbergs Sawmill Support AB in Hassleholm, received from his sawmill customers. Ljungbergs, a retailer of Binol, is one of the leading companies for sawmill equipment and accessories. This is of major importance for the total production cost in sawmills, says Torsten. The expenditure on saw bands and for grinding represents a considerable cost factor.

Torsten sees the link between the use of Binol Band 5 and the use of saw bands since he sells both. There is a clear connection between Binol Band 5, cutting life and grinding intervals. This is an excellent example of a combination of environmental advantages and immediate economic benefits.


Environmental assessment

At Ljungbergs they also notice that the issue of environmental assessment has become increasingly important for sawmills. All the large mills works on, or already have an environmental assessment program, like ISO 14000, which includes the use of environmentally acceptable band saw oils and other lubricants.

Consumption Sawband Life Grinding Intervals Diesel Band 5 Diesel Band 5 Diesel Band 5
In this context it means a complete review of their product line regarding environmental acceptability.

Binol Band 5 has received high attention within Binols complete product line for sawmills. Besides the neat band saw oils, Binol Band 5, Binol BF 10 and Binol Band 20, there is the water miscible Binol Band E40 or BioSafe BOEM.

Hydraulic oil used is the Binol Hyd- and BioSafe HO SE series. For conveyers there is BioSafe CON-products. The recommended water miscible grinding fluids is Quakercool 12 or Binol Cut 10 neat oil.

All products are based on biologically renewable raw materials, which provides the environmental properties.


Important benefits

There are still sawmills using diesel oil as a cleaning fluid for saw bands. This is surprising, says Torsten Nilsson. The change to Binol Band 5 is profitable. Using the appropriate application equipment one liter of the product is as efficient as 6-7 liters of diesel oil. Add to this the increased cutting life, increased grinding intervals and, last but not least, the environmental improvement.


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